Class Actions

The class action is a tool that alters the balance of power between plaintiffs and defendants. Available in British Columbia since August 1, 1995, class actions allow people to band together in one single case, making it easier to challenge large corporate defendants.  For more information on how a class action works, click here.

Branch MacMaster LLP has the depth of experience to manage class actions effectively. Ward Branch and Jim MacMaster, founding members of our firm, were counsel in four of the first seven class actions to be considered by British Columbia courts. Branch MacMaster currently acts for both plaintiffs and defendants in such actions. Ward Branch is the author of the textbook Class Actions in Canada, the only book covering class actions across the country.

Current Class Actions

Branch MacMaster LLP's current plaintiff class actions include the following:

If you have any questions about class actions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are wondering whether a particular claim has been the subject of a class action, you may consult the Canadian Bar Association's National Class Action Database, or send us an email.