Medtronic Pacing Leads

A class action has been commenced by all persons implanted with a Medtronic 4004/4004M or 4012 pacing lead. It is alleged that these pacing leads are defective. Medtronic has withdrawn these leads from the market.

The action has been certified as a national class action by the Supreme Court of British Columbia and affirmed by the Court of Appeal. Please read the court-approved Certification Order and Notice to Class Members to learn more about the case. You may no longer sign up to be a member of the class action unless you are a resident of British Columbia. British Columbia residents are automatically enrolled in the class action as stated in the Notice of Class Action.

A settlement has been reached in this class action and approved by the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Details of the settlement are outlined in the following document: Notice of Settlement

The Court Order approving the Settlement can be viewed by clicking on the following link: Settlement Order

If you were implanted with a Medtronic 4004/4004M or 4012 pacemaker lead then you may be entitled to recover settlement funds provided you are (i) a British Columbia resident or (ii) you duly opted into this Class Action.

To be eligible to recover from the settlement fund, you must complete and deliver a Claim Form to Branch MacMaster. Your Claim Form will only be considered if received by Branch MacMaster by 5 p.m. on September 6, 2005.

A Claim Form can be downloaded by clicking on the following link: Claim Form

Alternatively, please contact Branch MacMaster in order to obtain a Claim Form.

For more information on the action please contact Shayna Cohene at Branch MacMaster (604) 654-2952 or by email at

Please send completed Claim Forms to the following address.

Pacemaker Lead Class Action Settlement
Branch MacMaster
Attn: Shayna Cohene
1210-777 Hornby St.
Vancouver, BC V6Z 1S4
Fax: 604-684-3429

Claim Forms received after 5 p.m. on September 6, 2005 will not be considered.