Class Action Lawsuit Filed re: Price-fixing of Polyurethane Foam
Friday, September 24, 2010
Branch MacMaster

A proposed class action was commenced in relation to an alleged price-fixing conspiracy in relation to polyurethane foam. The claim was filed against Vitafoam Products Canada Limited and a number of other manufacturers of polyurethane foam in Canada and in the United States. A complete list of the defendants will be posted in our Polyurethane Foam Class Action page.  Luciana Brasil and Ward Branch are counsel for the Plaintiff and for the proposed class.

If you purchased any polyurethane foam from 1999 onwards, and would like to obtain more information about these proceedings, please contact Ulla Herlev at or (604) 654-2964.

The claim has been registered in the National Class Action Registry maintained by the Canadian Bar Association.

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