Personal Injury Practice

Branch MacMaster has a broad ranging personal injury practice. We have extensive experience acting for defendants and plaintiffs concerning many types of personal injury claims including serious brain injuries, paraplegia, quadriplegia, burn injuries, disfigurement and scarring, surgical damage, blood contamination, drug side effects, and environmental illness. Over the years we have dealt with injuries arising out of motor vehicle accidents; airplane accidents; medical malpractice; product defect; fires; explosions; health products including medical devices; medicine and natural products such as blood; occupier's liability; swimming pool accidents; sporting and recreational activity accidents; and work-place accidents.

We have attended seminars on brain injury, malpractice injury, and whiplash injury. We consult regularly with health care providers to assist our understanding of personal injuries.

We are prepared to conduct personal injury litigation on the basis of either a contingency fee or on a traditional fair fee agreement.

There is no cost or charge for an initial consultation in relation to any potential personal injury claim. Please call or e-mail any of our lawyers for further information in relation to our personal injury practice.

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