Potential Class Action Areas

There are many potential areas where class actions may be brought including:

Competition Act Violations

Under Canada's Competition Act there is a civil remedy available against companies who have engaged in any of the following activities: price fixing, misleading advertising, monopolization, oligopolization and tied selling.

If you believe a company:

  • from whom you purchased goods or services, or
  • with whom your company competes;

has engaged in such illegal activities, we would be pleased to discuss your litigation alternatives with you. Please email chermanson@branmac.com or call (604) 631-2561.


Securities Fraud

People who own shares that have lost value due to a failure by the company to disclose material facts in a timely way, may be able to bring a class action. Branch MacMaster is currently representing a defendant in such an action. For more information about securities class actions, read Ward Branch's article Securities Class Actions in Canada (219KB PDF).

Products Liability

People with a product that is defective or has caused injury, may be able to sustain a class action against the manufacturer. Branch MacMaster currently represents both plaintiffs and defendants in such actions.

For more information about products liability class actions, please email Chelsea Hermanson at chermanson@branmac.com or call (604) 631-2561.

Labour and Employment

There is no additional information at this time.

Environmental Problems

There is no additional information at this time.