Polyurethane Price-Fixing

Branch MacMaster is investigating allegations of price-fixing contrary to the provisions of the Competition Act by a number of different manufacturers of polyurethane foam in the period January 1, 1999 to present. If you purchased polyurethane foam from any of the parties noted below, and are interested in hearing more about this potential class action, please contact Luciana Brasil at (604) 654-2960 or


- Vitafoam Products Canada Limited

- Vitafoam Inc.

- The Woodbridge Group

- Valle Foam Industries Inc.

- Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company

- Doamfoam International Inc.

- The Carpenter Company

- Flexible Foam Products Inc.

- Scottdell Inc.

- Foamex Innovations, Inc.

- Future Foam Inc.

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The major benefit of using polyurethane foam in roofing is that it is a thermal insulator and is highly water resistant. The main problem people used to face with traditional roofing was that it allowed heat to enter in the house.

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