$50M Proposed Class Action Filed in Relation to Copyright Violations

11 / 12 / 2010

On November 12, 2010, a proposed class action was filed by Keatley Surveying Ltd. against Teranet Inc. in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.  In the Statement of Claim, the Plaintiff alleges that Teranet Inc. has made certain unauthorized use of drawings, maps, plans and charts created or owned by the Plaintiff and other Ontario land surveyors,  contary to the provisions of the federal Copyright Act, and claims damages of $50M, and other relief.

The claim is brought on behalf of the Plaintiff and of a proposed class comprised of land surveyors in Ontario.

Ward Branch and Luciana Brasil of Branch MacMaster LLP are counsel for the Plaintiff and for the proposed class, together with William O’Hara of Gardiner Roberts LLP.

We are updating our website and will soon have a page dedicated to this action. For more information in the meantime, please contact Luciana Brasil at or (604) 654-2960.

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