Maple Leaf Products – Listeriosis Outbreak

Branch MacMaster LLP  was part of a national consortium of lawyers that commenced class action lawsuits against Maple Leaf Foods Inc. in relation to certain recalled food products that were potentially contaminated with the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes.

A settlement with Maple Leaf was approved by the Courts. The settlement created a $27 million settlement fund (“Settlement Fund”) from which eligible claimants received compensation. The amount each claimant received depended upon the severity of their illness. Claimants could also claim for lost income and certain out-of-pocket expenses. For claimants who sustained physical symptoms consistent with Listeriosis, the compensation ranged from $750 (for physical symptoms lasting between 24 – 48 hours) up to $125,000 (for serious and long lasting physical injuries). The estates of Class Members who died as a result of symptoms consistent with Listeriosis were paid $120,000, plus additional substantial amounts to immediate family members.

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